Apply for or renew your annual membership.

The following memberships are available at our Senior Center:

Individual Membership 50 +  has the right of voting. Such membership embraces persons fifty (50) years of age and older, or those becoming 50 years of age within the membership year.  The annual membership fee is $25 per year and covers the calendar year from January through December.

Associate membership is available to persons under the age of fifty (50) and does not afford a member voting rights. The annual membership fee is $25 per year.

Organizational membership consists of business entities, groups, and organizations for a calendar year.  Amount to be determined by Board of Directors.  No voting rights.

Life membership is available to individuals who contribute $625.00 in a one-time payment. Such members shall have the privilege of voting.

Honorary Life Membership will be granted to members attaining the age of 100.

PLEASE NOTE:  Spouses should complete separate applications.


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