Senior Discounts and Tips

Senior Discounts

If you have a favorite Senior Discount, email it to: Internet Manager.

Eating out not only can you get the discounts detailed below,

but you can also purchase Gift Cards for many of these businesses to save even more money.

Click this link to view our Gift Cards.

Some of these are subject to individual restaurants' participation.

Applebee's 10% senior discount.

Burger King 10% senior discount.

Culver's Ask for it.

Dairy Queen 10% senior discount.

Denny’s: Offers a 55+ menu with smaller portions.

Golden Corral Ages 60 and over get a discount Special Senior Menu.

Also 10% discount.

McDonald's Discounts on coffee and drinks.

Sonic 10% discount.

Subway 10% discount.

Taco Bell A free drink.

Wendy's A free drink.



Clean a Grubby Microwave with Lemon Water

Here’s how: Partially fill a measuring or coffee cup with water and add a slice of lemon. Boil the water in the microwave for a minute, and then leave the door closed and let the steam loosen the mess. After 10 minutes, open the door and wipe away the grime.

Deodorize Your Stinky Disposer with Citrus

If your disposer has developed an odor, it may contain bits of rotten food. Here’s how to clean them out:

  1. With the water running at about half throttle, drop in orange or lemon peels. Run the disposer for five seconds. Citric acid from the peels softens crusty waste and attacks smelly bacteria. Give the acid about 15 minutes to do its work.

  2. Turn on the water and the disposer and drop in a few ice cubes. Flying shards of ice work like a sandblaster inside the disposer.

  3. Run the water until the bowl is about half full. Then pull the stopper and turn on the disposer to flush it out.

Erase Scuff Marks with a Tennis Ball

Clean off shoe scuff marks from vinyl flooring with a clean, dry tennis ball. A light rub and heel marks are ‘erased.’

Quit Buying Expensive Coffee

If you brew your coffee at home, the cost is around 30 cents a cup. A Keurig Coffeemaker cost per cup will be around 60 cents but it's still cheaper than buying from a coffee shop.

Buying coffee from your favorite barista every day adds up quickly!

Do the math... $5 per latte 5 days a week is $25 a week. That's $100 per month or $.60 per day 5 days a week is $3.00 or $12.00 per month.

Electricity Costs

Did you know that 10% of your electricity costs go to lighting? And the way we think about lighting is rapidly changing! Watts are out, lumens are in!

In which Direction Should My Ceiling Fan Spin?

Help your home stay cool in summer or warm in winter just by flipping a switch.

A ceiling fan help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What Direction in Summer?

Your ceiling fan should spin counterclockwise during the summer months. A ceiling fan that spins counterclockwise forces air downward, providing cooling relief when it’s hot. It’s recommended to run the fan faster the hotter it gets to increase the cooling airflow.

What Direction in Winter?

Conversely, the ceiling fan needs to spin clockwise during the winter months. A ceiling fan that spins clockwise will draw cooler air up and force warmer air near the ceiling down and out toward the walls. It’s best to run the fan at a low speed so that it doesn’t create too much of a cooling breeze.