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OASD Referendum               Mon  Mar 13                       9:30 am

Health & Wellness: Arthuritis Thur  Mar 16                      2:30 pm

State of the City                    Mon  Mar 20                     10:00 am

Great Courses:  Greece and Turkey from Athens to Istanbul

                                             Mon  Mar 20 to May 8th      6:30 pm

Ice Age Trail                         Wed  Mar 22                     10:00 am

Health & Wellness: Benefits of Music

                                             Wed   Apr 26                     10:30 am

Please Note: If you are a current member of OASC, you can attend 

most programs for free!  Non-members are charged $2 per presentation. 

Registration is often needed to accommodate seating for all that want to attend. 

For information on any of the PROGRAMS please call OASC at 262.567.4288.

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