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Book Club                   🕮 1st Wednesday                9:30 am

Booth @ Farmers Mkt 🛖  Closed for the winter 

Breakfast Club             🥚   2nd Friday                       8:00 am

Monthly Luncheon        🍽️   1st Monday                    12:00 pm  *  $14 

Movie & Lunch           🥪   2nd Friday                      11:15 am  *  $7

Music Makers            🎵    2nd and 4th Wed             1:00 pm

Reflections/Reminisce 2nd Thursday                   1:00 pm  

Sounds of the Ukulele 🎸 Friday, January 13            2:30 pm

Walking Club               🚶‍♀️   Wed and Sat                     8:30 am

Woodcarving              🔪  1st and 3rd Wed                9:00 am         

Please Note: If you are a current member of OASC, you can attend most 

programs for free!  Non-members are charged $2 per activity. Registration is 

often needed to accommodate seating for all that want to attend. For 

information on any of the PROGRAMS please call OASC 262.567.4288.

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