Oconomowoc Area Seniors Center Volunteering

Share your time, Share your talent!

We are so thankful for our volunteers' skills and dedication. Total volunteer hours last year were 6,833. The estimated value of a volunteer’s time in 2023 was $29.95 an hour.  

If you would like to join in on the fun and volunteer at our Senior Center, take a look at our Volunteer Opportunity summaries and fill out a volunteer application.  Discussion of new volunteer possibilities is always welcome. Do you have interests/skills/expertise you'd like to share?    

Please contact OASC Coordinator at 262.567.4288  or Email 


Volunteers are an integral part of our daily services, programs, and events. If you would like to know more about our volunteer opportunities, please review some of the position descriptions and let us know your area(s) of interest and/or expertise.

Computer/Tech Assistance​ - Provide 1-to-1 support to individuals with computer and technology-related needs as well as our digital media website and Facebook.

Facility Projects​ - Cleaning, painting, sweeping, and upkeep around the building.

Program Facilitators - Share knowledge, skills, and talents by teaching classes and coordinating group activities for the benefit of senior participants; the time required depends on the class.

Photographer​ - Take candid photos of selected Senior Center sponsored events.

Desk Volunteer​ - Greet and assist members as needed. Help staff with various office/clerical tasks.

To be considered, please contact  OASC Coordinator at 262.567.4288  Email 

Thank you! 

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